Group history

The network of research groups called the Faunistic Resources Network (GrinRef) was created in 2007. It is formed by the Infectious Veterinary Pathology research group (PATIN) and the research group of Evolutionary Biology, Ethology and Hunting Management (BIOETO), which were created in 2005. This Network, is established as a result of the collaboration between both groups in studies of infectious diseases, mainly in wild and domestic animals.

The research activity of the PATIN group focuses on infectious diseases affecting domestic and wild animals which are of interest from the point of view of animal health, such as brucellosis, tuberculosis and paratuberculosis, diseases caused by enterobacteria such as verotoxigenic Escherichia coli -terohemorrhagic and Salmonella spp. He also investigates dermatophilosis and cryptococcosis.

The research activity of the BIOETO group, on the other hand, takes place in the field of global change and emerging infectious diseases such as malaria and haemosporidia that affect birds and reptiles, the coevolution of the host-parasites system, the parasite transmission vectors, and genetic identification of hematozoic parasites. In addition to research on hunting resources including studies in evolutionary ecology and behavior of species of birds, mammals and reptiles.